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Our team is the backbone of our company and as such it has largely contributed to our success. We invest a lot in our people, through continuous education and training, and we always try to expand our knowledge and skill sets. We are of the opinion that happy employees are more productive and perform much more efficiently, thus we make sure that our employees feel part of a team and are excited about their work. Our team is composed of a group of passionate professionals, each an expert in their field, who share a common vision, helping our clients succeed in their business ventures.

Mauro Mercuri
Founder, CEOmauro@tactiletechnologies.com

Mauro was born in 1975 in Belgium, son of a Belgian mother and Italian father. After 5 years of professional experience in the IT B2B distribution industry he became a young entrepreneur when at the age of 26 he moved from Belgium to South Africa to start what is now known as Tactile Technologies.

Applying old school principles such as respect, commitment, hard work and persistence he has been able to turn Tactile into the powerhouse it is today in South Africa. Singling out ‘attitude’ as the most important aspect in a human being to become successful he continuously looks to broaden his business dealings.

Mauro is a big believer in giving back and through his own Londisizwe Foundation (https://tactiletechnologies.com/csi-projects/) has been donating to various charities for over 15 years. Among many other donations 4 vehicles have been donated to organisations in South Africa and Belgium so far.


Veronique Garcia
Business Developmentveronique@tactiletechnologies.com

After 17 years of occupying a management position in commercial retail, Veronique joined Tactile in 2018 as an office manager. Using her wealth of experience she supports the business incl the sales team from an operational and administrational point of view.

Honest and swift customer service and attention to detail are values she applies daily.

Shipping goods worldwide, accurate communication with partners and supporting the business on a daily basis are what Veronique excels in.


Jason Lin
Supply & Product Managementjason@tactiletechnologies.com

Jason was born in 1982 in Taiwan. After 10 years of professional experience being representative of hardware manufacturers in the East, he followed the lead of Mauro to become an entrepreneur and set up his own consulting company to provide services of Supply Chain and Business Development.

With belief that key of managing supply chain and developing new business successfully has been always PEOPLE, he spends most of time building business network in relevant industries where he can discover more opportunities to make business happen by connecting multiple suppliers & customers to each other.

Golden Rule is No.1 principle that is in his mind and part of spirit. Everything he does will always benefit both manufacturer and customer in each business relationship he helps set up. He puts his personal interest in last priority which guarantees his long-term success in business and ensure people’s trust on him.

Working with partners around the globe and is looking for more opportunities where he can contribute and provide value.